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How Does Duty Tracker Work

1) DutyTracker tracks Inventory movements


2) DutyTracker complies with EU Regulations

In advance of the required Duty reports being produced, DutyTracker  performs a wide range of checks to ensure compliance with the Customs regulations. Any detected breaches to these regulations must be corrected in SAP so as to avoid any un-necessary penalties being incurred.  


DutyTracker can assist you in making a retrospective claim of duties relating to duty on imported material prior to the initial installation of DutyTracker.

3) DutyTracker is consistent with SAP


Manual systems are not normally consistent.

DutyTracker avoids the need to use a manual system thereby providing a consistent, procedural, validated and visible solution in an area where (1) significant savings are potentially available and (2) non-compliance penalties are an ever-present threat.

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