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Established in 2006, Minola Technology are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices also in UK. Minola can capitalize on the team's 50 plus years of SAP experience in the provision of SAP Consultancy, Development, & Project Management. Uniquely, the company's dedicated experts specialise in EU duty processes which allow manufacturing companies using SAP to avoid the need to pay import duties under IPR and/or PCC regimes.

The company's portfolio includes the unique DutyTracker product which is seamlessly integrated into SAP providing IPR & PCC management. Supporting services provided by Minola can allow companies to:

(a) be in a position to benefit from the use of IPR/PCC duty regimes
(b) provide DutyTracker implementation to automate the management of these regimes
(c) deploy the solution in a SAP environment
(d) on a pan-European basis

Minola's goal is to help clients reduce their costs, improve their cash flow and productivity while at the same time insuring that they are totally compliant with Custom & Excise Duty requirements.

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