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Minola Technology - the IPR & PCC specialists

Minola Technology offers a duty cost saving & compliance solution for companies who use SAP to record the import of raw materials from outside the EU, which are then subject to manufacture within the EU. The solution ensures full compliance with the complex EU Regulations thus providing you with peace of mind and avoiding significant potential penalties.

Why use it?

The Customs Duty suspension process can be fully exploited as the Minola product, DutyTracker, records the import receipts and tracks the raw material flow right through to production & subsequent sale. It ensures full compliance with EU regulations and is seamlessly integrated into your existing SAP solution. This means significant Cost & Cash flow savings for your company..

How does it work?

DutyTracker is a software enhancement for the SAP R/3 and SAP Enterprise ERP systems which makes them fully compliant with EU customs guidelines, for Inward Processing Relief (IPR) and Processing under Customs Control (PCC). It can be typically be installed in less than 3 months with the full support of Minola Technology. Savings can be realised immediately.

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